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8 March – 30 April

Malaysia IB Contest

Raih hadiah sebagai IB terbaik

Registration is now closed, but we're already planning the next big event. Want to be the first to enrol in it?

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By pressing above, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Pushing Take Part constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

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Your Honda Civic is waiting
It doesn't matter when you start. What matters is how you finish!
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Runner-ups giveaway You are qualified for our runner-ups’ giveaway.

Hit 4,000 points, keep this level by 30 April, and get a chance to win one of ten PlayStation 5. Stay above 4,000 points by 30 April and, if you don’t win one of the main prizes, you will participate in a prize draw of ten PlayStation 5. Good luck!

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4,000 points
Points earned:

Your progress to qualify for PlayStation 5 draw. The results of the runner-ups’ giveaway will appear on this page on 1 May.

Drive towards success

The more active your clients are the better chance you have in collecting one of these five luxurious prizes.

  • 1st place Honda Civic

  • 2nd place Honda CBR500R

  • 3rd place MacBook Pro

  • 4th place iPhone 12

  • 5th place Apple Watch Series 6

Runner-ups giveaway

For those who did not take main prizes

Your formula for victory

We will calculate the results using net deposits (deposits – withdrawals), divided by 20, plus the total number of lots traded by your referrals. The divisor of the formula is specifically aimed at balancing the chances between those who deposit high volumes and those who trade exceptionally efficiently.
/ 20 +
= 123 points

How to participate in the contest

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    Earn points

    The larger the sum of net deposits and lots traded, the more points you will accumulate.

Cannot keep the pace?
Enter the runner-ups’ giveaway.

4,000 points

Accumulate at least 4,000 points and stay above this threshold by 30 April.

PlayStation 5

Get automatically qualified for a random draw of ten PlayStation 5.


Jika Anda menyelesaikan kontes tanpa mendapatkan hadiah utama, Anda mungkin berada di antara para pemenang undian berhadiah yang beruntung.

Runner-ups giveaway

You are participating!
From 8 March, encourage your clients to trade. If you can achieve 4,000 points and keep this level by 30 April, you will get a chance to win one of ten PlayStation 5.

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